President's Message

Dear FreeFall fanatics, literary junkies, and appreciators of the arts,

The staff here at FreeFall have been working hard behind the scenes to navigate some changes in the office. Shifts and changes propel us forward, but not always quickly and we are sorry we haven’t offered you an update sooner. Until August of 2018 the FreeFall literary society and the AWCS had a partnership which included a subscription of FreeFall Magazine with every AWCS membership. A change in this partnership has meant a change in operations for us. In light of these changes we have scaled back from 3 issues a year to 2 which means a complete shift in deadlines and timelines. We know some of your submissions got caught up in the transition and you may have felt we were ignoring you. Please know we would never ignore you. We know how hard you work on your writing and how vulnerable it can be to finally submit it into the world. We appreciate your patience through this transition and ask you to remember that we are a group of dedicated volunteers working to keep the literary arts alive in Canada. There are few spaces an artist can showcase their art and be paid and we want FreeFall to continue to be one of these spaces, but in order to do this we needed time to balance our responsibilities with our resources. One way you all can help support FreeFall specifically and the literary arts in general is through subscriptions and by picking up copies of literary magazines at your favourite independent bookstores.

Thank you and we hope you continue to enjoy the exquisite writing published in FreeFall Magazine.

Crystal Mackenzie

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