Current Issue

Volume XXVI Number 3
Fall/Winter 2016
Editors Micheline Maylor and Ryan Stromquist
Photography Tamara Pruessner
John Wall Barger

The Butterfly Copycat
Naked Woman at a Roadside Buffet
The Wonderful Hat
Marzen Czarnecka DON’T WORRY
Rayanne Doucet Alla Mia Donna
Catherine Fenwick Women Weaving
Vivian Hansen Waiting on Tables
Benjamin Herwig evening at a burnt-out school with the tenth mountain division
Fruit on a wooden table
Moira MacDougall Boreal Lungs
Gabrielle McIntire Upstairs
Vincent Potter the Singer and the waxwing
Three Thirty-Five on a School Day
Tara Dawn Solheim December 15, 2005 – Takadanobaba, Shinjyuku Prefecture, Japan
October 12, 2005 – Minami Urawa, Saitama Prefecture, Japan
Juhun Bae
Jeremy Bibaud Archmime
Garrett Davis Gorgon
Rachel Laverdiere Stains
Kim Murray
In Conversation  
Jamal Ali Interview with Cassy Welburn
Jeremy Luke Hill Interview with Stephen Henighan
John Wall Barger
Cemetery Compost by Murray Reiss
Bruce Hunter The Three Sisters Bar and Hotel by Katherine Govier
Daryl Sneath The Fatalists by Patrick Blennerhassett

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