Current Issue

Volume XXVI Number 1
Winter 2015/16
Editors Micheline Maylor and Ryan Stromquist
Photography Renee Robyn
John Wall Barger Ink Burial,
Evening Walk, Tammela District, Tampere, Finland
Barry Butson Cross
Su Croll a correction to thanksgiving
Daniel Cowper Spandrel
Beth Everest i phone
cancer grows like a nest
W.M. Herring November, Late afternoon -10°C with Thin High Cloud
Sarah Beth Hopton Relentless
Rachael Kearley REM Sleep
Alice Major The Realms of Asphodel
Bell Curve
Shaun Robinson Centrifugal
Sonia Saikaley The Maiko’s Obi
Josh Stenberg Bima
Russell Thornton Sirens
At Safeway
Jeremy Bibaud
Benjamin C. Dugdale Wildrose Goes
C.E. Mandybura Saffra
Kaitlin Ruether Coal Harbour
Liam Volke How to Buy a Book
In Conversation  
Jamal Ali
Interview with Ian Williams
Dan St. Yves Interview with Sterling Hayes
Vivian Hansen
Review: House Dreams By Deanna Youngi
Crystal MacKenzie Review: On Huron’s Shore By Marilyn Gear Pilling
Annie Wesko Review: Moments of Joy By Cecelia Frey

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