Current Issue

Volume XXVI Number 2
Spring/Summer 2016
Editors Micheline Maylor and Ryan Stromquist
Photography Jane Eaton Hamilton
Tyler Engström think of me
from under the bay bridge
Kate Flaherty Sel
Michael Fraser Daydreaming Tricia
The Union Dead
Sarah Howden Second Hand Smoke
Well, here I am
Max Layton Après Moi, Le Déluge
Ron Ostrander Old Bob’s Shadow
Susan Plett worship
Ellie Sawatzky Finlandia
Matt Sutton Waylon Taught Me Everything
Anna Brooks Penny Blossom
Sarah Butson The Dong
Annum Shah Welcome to Khyber Agency
Chris Shaw Paper Heart
Cara Violini
The Embrace
Cassy Welburn Day of the Dead
In Conversation  
Jamal Ali
Email Interview with Lauren Carter
Joan Shillington Interview with Max Layton
Dave Eso
Impeccable Regret by Judith Fitzgerald
Ken Hunt Kern by derek Beaulieu
Anne Sorbie The Shadows We Mistake for Love by Tom Wayman
Annie Wesko Clearwater by Kim McCullough
Photograph Nikki Celis

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