Current Issue

Volume XXVII Number 3
Spring 2017
Editors Micheline Maylor and Ryan Stromquist
Cover Marty Gervais
Elizabeth Bassie-Pompu
Kayleigh Cline Thought and Memory
Catherine Graham Each Scaly God Ensconced in Sec
Neil Griffin And So, Until
gillian harding-russell Raven at -40
Bill Howell The Way Things are at the Moment
Rachel Laverdiere Like their Fathers and Mothers before them
Dave Margoshes Scare crow
Slipped Away
Carley Mayson Downfall
Carol Harvey Steski angelfood cake
veronica lake
j. Alan Voke When Came the Black Flower
Winter Crazy Crazy in the Mind Mind
Carolyn Chung
Too Small and Too Fast
Leah Sandals The Geologist
Alanna Marie Scott Himalayan Blue Poppies
Nikki Celis
In Conversation  
Jeremy Luke Hill
Interview with Jesse Ruddock
Silvia Pikal Interview with Alec Whitford
Jamal Ali Settler Education by Laurie D. Graham
Beth Everest   The Book of Sensation by Sheri-D Wilson
Kyle Flemmer even this page is white by Vivek Shraya
Logan Pollon Throwing the Diamond Hitch by Emily Ursuliak

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