Chapbook Contest - 2015

Congratulations to Nanci Lee!
Her Chapbook, Preparation, will be sent out with select issues of FreeFall.

Chapbook CONTEST 2015 Shortlist

  • 5008 - Amalfi
  • 5011 - Landslides
  • 5012 - Where Do You Go
  • 5020 - Blakiston Park
  • 5025 - Who Are You
  • 5029 - Preparation
  • 5035 - If I Know Anything About a Knife

“From the weathered hands of the roving poet to the croaked throat of the slam poet, the trading of chapbooks is an essential vivre of poetry.”

In the 17th and 18th century, chapmen used to travel the countryside selling books that contained everything from maps to recipes. Today, the chapbook is a beloved tradition of binding a book of poetry. FreeFall is elated to announce their 25th Anniversary Chapbook Contest.

Submit your chapbook for the chance to be published alongside FreeFall.

Entrance fee: $10

Deadline:September 15th 2015 extended to Oct 31st, 2015 Now Closed

Page limit: 10-20 pages

Contact: editors@freefallmagazine.ca for more information

100 copies of the winning entry will be published by The FreeFall Literary Society of Calgary.

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